I was born the 3rd child out of 4 to two artist parents.  Started painting at the early age of 12.  Obtained my BFA at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. Now called California College of the Arts.

I have been painting and selling from coast to coast for over 30 years.  I gain most of my inspiration from my local area in Northern California. I hike all over Mt. Diablo sketching, photographing and painting small paintings en plein aire.  I use this information in my studio to create the larger pieces.  The mountain provides and endless inspiration with its ever changing color, light and mood.

When viewing the world around us, we are often struck by the beauty of a scene. The stillness of a winter morning, sunlight filtering through the clouds, or trees illuminated by the afternoon sun; just a few images that have inspired creation in countless artists. However, sometimes potential masterpieces go unnoticed.  Since I was young I have been captivated by the simple, often overlooked, places and things in ordinary life.  Capturing a moment in time and then enhancing its aesthetic qualities excites me.  When brought to life on canvas, even the most mundane subject can be a visual experience.

Not only is the grand sunset over an ancient city a worthy painting subject, so is the lone poppy swaying in the breeze.....waiting for someone to admire its fragrant charm.  Does the falcon soaring on a thermal know that he is the envy of most any man?  Grace and beauty in all forms are worthy of recognition.  I, as and artist, enjoy emphasizing the beautiful scenes of my life and travels....... while giving special attention to those places that may have been overlooked.  I hope you will find as I have that beauty takes many forms and is undeniable in even the most ordinary setting.


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